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Why Walkinshaw?

When it’s your pride and joy, there shouldn’t be any risks, just fun. Walkinshaw represents a motorsport brand with a long history of success both on and off the track. With history comes experience, and with experience comes precision. Walkinshaw spend hours testing and developing different combinations in collaboration with their precision parts to bring a product of the highest quality. Walkinshaw experience means reliability, that’s why Walkinshaw Performance Packs include a Driveline Warranty for 3-Years/100,000kms, an extra that you won’t find at any other tuning shop.

Colorado PACKAGE

On the back of the first foray into diesel powered performance enhancement, Walkinshaw Performance present the Diesel Power Package for the Holden Colorado.

Following on from the successful release of the Diesel Power Pack for HSV SportsCat models, Walkinshaw have applied the same underpinnings for the Diesel Power Package to improve both power and torque by approximately 20%. This new and exciting package is intended to improve midrange pulling power through improved breathing and related engine mapping to give owners a more engaging driving experience.

In addition

  • Walkinshaw Performance High Flow Air Filter and Calibration
  • Exclusive Walkinshaw Performance Corporate Badging in dark chrome
  • 3 year 100,000km driveline warranty*
  • Walkinshaw Appreciation Pack.

The SPORTSCAT package

Walkinshaw Performance are proud to offer their first foray in diesel powered performance enhancement with the Walkinshaw Performance Diesel Power Pack.

Designed and engineered to perfectly compliment the performance and design improvements for the HSV SportsCat range this package will improve both power and torque by approximately 20%. Including enhanced midrange pulling power thanks to improved breathing and related engine mapping to give owners a more engaging driving experience.

In addition

  • Walkinshaw Performance High Flow Air Filter and Calibration
  • Exclusive Walkinshaw Performance Corporate Badging in dark chrome
  • 3 year 100,000km driveline warranty*
  • Walkinshaw Appreciation Pack.

Silverado PRODUCTS

The team at Walkinshaw Performance have added a new range of products that can be applied to Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (6.2L) models remanufactured by HSV. A stainless steel Cat-Back exhaust system, allows the engine to breathe better. Built exclusively by Walkinshaw Performance for those enthusiasts who want seriously good sound, you’ll be the envy of your mates with the V8 roar that we all love to hear. Towing mirrors maximise your visibility to ensure safety by reducing blind spots while providing extra viewing range. Power fold, manual extend, clearance & work lights, compatible with HSV Silverado 2500, limited stock, available in black or chrome. Silverado 1500 suspension lift coming soon! Get the off-road capability & tough stance you need to head off the beaten track with the legendary Walkinshaw Performance Suspension Package.

W-Series Packages

The W-Series power packages are the foundation of the Walkinshaw brand. Developed through hours of testing, these packages are made to be the leader in aftermarket fitment packages.

At the end of the day they are still road cars, therefore Walkinshaw make sure that their power packages are still functional and warrantable.
Available to a range of Holden and HSV owners with the 6.0L V8, 6.2L LS3, 6.2L LSA and all LSA HSV vehicles, theres something for everyone. Power outputs range from 375kW and 675Nm to 557kW and 930Nm. Walkinshaw Performance use a number of high quality parts to extract the monstrous amounts of power from the Holden and HSV V8’s.

In addition (dependent on package)

  • WP230 Supercharger
  • WP Camshaft and Valve Spring Upgrade
  • Walkinshaw Performance Ceramic Coated Headers
  • Walkinshaw Performance Dual Active Cat Back Exhaust
  • Walkinshaw Performance Cold Air Intake
  • Walkinshaw Performance ECU Calibration
  • W Series Badging
  • W Series Certificate of Authenticity
  • Walkinshaw Performance Drive Line Warranty

Camaro Package

Walkinshaw Performance first foray into the American muscle car market within Australia and New Zealand with a Power Pack for the Chevrolet Camaro 2SS.

The package utilises the Walkinshaw Performance Camaro Exhaust System (available separately), an exclusively designed stainless steel exhaust system featuring ceramic coated 4 into 1 headers, high flow catalytic converters connected to a 3 inch catback exhaust. Additionally, the package includes an exclusively designed Walkinshaw Performance Cold Air Intake, further improving the LT1’s capacity for increased power.

An engine calibration carefully engineered to maximise the vehicles potential completes the package which provides approximately 15% more power and torque. The package is supplied with a Walkinshaw Performance corporate logo badge in dark chrome, certificate of Authenticity and Walkinshaw Performance’s unique driveline warranty for complete peace of mind.

About Walkinshaw Performance

Thanks to Walkinshaw’s heritage, they are the experts on V8 tuning in Australasia. Having trialed so many different combinations, Walkinshaw Performance are able to take an educated and disciplined approach to any package they develop.

Victory in motorsport only comes through rigorous evaluation, planning, preparation and excellence in all aspects of the operation. That culture has now been applied to offer an exciting new level of professionalism to the world of aftermarket modifications.

Their products have been evaluated for their genuine contribution to improved performance and vehicle dynamics. Bring your car to life with the very best in high performance upgrades. Walkinshaw Performance share your passion for all things high performance.


Ebbett Holden Hamilton is one of only 3 workshops in New Zealand who are approved by Walkinshaw Performance to install their packages. Let us unlock the power you didn’t know you had and get driving real muscle. All without risking the warranty of your pride and joy.

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